As most everyone has, I have struggled and failed. I have learned that failure was a stepping stone to success. It was necessary. But more than that, I have learned how to succeed.

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An Insight into My Approach

In the success I have seen, I’ve found a common denominator: the most compelling way to connect with other humans is through shared experiences. My time-tested strategy hinges on presenting unique messages to clients, customers and audiences. As humans, we are hardwired to listen to stories and that is precisely why it works. As COO at a renowned agency, creating key messaging for our and our clients’ brands, to leading growth efforts at a Silicon Valley startup, to reaching readers of my column, story has been central.

Sr. Growth & Marketing Manager
OSIX Corporation / Tapcast | 2016-Present

In a sea of innovation and technological advancement, connecting human-to-human is still the most powerful connection we can forge. In a saturated market, and given the added challenge of educating users about the app’s core sales enterprise features, this approach gave us traction with celebrity influencers, like Tyra Banks, Martha Stewart, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

COO / Campaign Director
TENSHI Advertising | 2009-2014

For years, the most respected companies in their industries have partnered with TENSHI® to execute integrated campaigns, to build intricate marketing and BI processes, to gain crucial insights, and, most of all, to solve challenges. From international brands like Acura® and Marriott® to an artisanal small-batch chocolatier, impact relied on intercepting customers with unique messages in their time of need. Our systems translated a wealth of data into individualized targets for whom we crafted experiences that would resonate.

Managing Editor
Haymarket Group | 2012-2016

From attracting new and influential partnerships to growing readership and both digital and brand engagement, Haymarket’s cemented itself as an industry authority with its massive global following and highly coveted annual industry honors.

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  • SBM Top Marketing Agency & Ad Industry Executive

  • American Advertising Federation Awards

    for Various Campaigns
  • Marketing Communication Platinum Awards

    for Campaign Strategies
  • Davey Silver Awards

    for Campaign Execution & Impact
  • Web Marketing Association Awards

    for Digital & Integrated Campaigns
  • Horizon Interactive Awards

    for Platform, UI/UX, Design & Strategies
  • WebAwards in Magazine Excellence

    for Digital Growth, Content, Design, UI & UX

Advising & Consulting

  • Women's Startup Lab

    2015 | Menlo Park, CA

    Founder accelerator changing the startup landscape for women.

  • Pulaski Cares

    2015 | Saint Robert, MO

    Non-profit, community organization supporting families in need in Pulaski County.


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